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Joan OBrien: Classic Voice

Joan OBrien, (naturally spelled “OBrien”) is an American singer and actress. She made a name for herself playing in television shows from the late 1950s to the early 1960s and, later, as a movie co-star alongside Cary Grant in “My Fair Lady.” Today, she is one of the most successful, beloved and respected voices in children’s and adults’ recording circles. Her recordings are well-regarded throughout the world. In fact, she is best known for her amazing voice – calm and soothing, yet strong and commanding – which has made her an incredible and versatile recording talent.

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Joan OBrien is the daughter of Irish parents who emigrated to San Francisco, California. She was a bright and lively child who enjoyed learning music, drawing, painting and always making the grade in school. As a child, she also developed an interest in singing. When she was eight years old, her mother gave birth to JoAnne O’Rourke, who would grow up to be Joan OBrien. It was not until the age of twenty-one that Joan started performing professionally. She gained recognition in that period for such notable performances as “Irene,” “My Sweet Lord” and “The Best Laid Plans.”

The recording of her first professional voice is a huge milestone in the career of this remarkable woman. This recording is known as the demo of her first album, which was titled simply, “Joan OBrien.” This early work is considered by many to be one of the best voices in history.

Joan OBrien’s voice is distinctive, rich and complex. She possesses a unique quality of beauty and strength that makes listeners trust her words. Many of the recordings of her time sound almost like gospel, yet she was never intimidated by this genre.

One of the most well-known recordings from Joan OBrien’s career is entitled, “Give Me the Reason.” In this track, the singer shows off her vocal ability as well as her range, which were then quite limited. OBrien’s talent for writing songs with meaningful lyrics has been recognized by fellow songwriters. She was also responsible for the production of a number of hit recordings. This includes the timeless, “Dancing With The Stars,” and the hits, “Happening On My Telephone” and “Mystery Train.”

In addition to these well-known songs, there are also some lesser-known recordings of Joan OBrien’s life. She sang the original version of “Resolution” and “White Room.” In addition to these tunes, other recordings have included versions of “Where Have All The Flowers Gone,” “Guess How Much I Love You,” and “You Give Me Indecision.” The original version of the song “Give Me The Reason” contains lyrics that are very similar to “Guess How Much I Love You.” Other tunes on this album include “Temptation,” and “I Remember You.”

Not only does Joan OBrien have a lovely voice, but she has also accomplished an impressive amount of recording experience. She has also worked with famous artists like George Strait, Glen Campbell, Dusty Springfield, and The O’Jays. All of these people are very familiar with her work. It is likely that they found her talent and taught her how to develop her sound.

Joan OBrien’s music will appeal to anyone who appreciates good music and great vocals. Her warm, velvety voice will be right at home on an acoustic or electric instrument. Those who are interested in the rock genre of music will especially enjoy this CD. For those who appreciate folk, country, or jazz, this CD will be a wonderful choice. Those who enjoy listening to oldies will enjoy this collection, which features both new and old songs. Anyone looking for something new and interesting in their collection of music should definitely consider this CD by Joan OBrien.

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