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Loni Love by Kaylee Reagon

Loni Love is a book written by Bernice Johnson Reagon. In her book, Reagon claims that women can have sexual desire without feeling guilty about it. According to Reagon, women that learn how to release their sexual energy can learn how to enjoy their lives more and be happy with who they are. With Loni Love, Reagon claims that you will be able to give your partner mind-blowing orgasms that would blow his mind.

Loni Love was originally published in 1969 by Hallmark. This book discusses the issue of women wanting to feel as if they can control their relationship with their man. In the book, Reagon claims that women should learn how to have sexual intercourse without feeling guilty about it. According to Reagon, guilt can keep women from doing anything in the bedroom. If guilt prevents women from enjoying sex, then there is no reason for women to be having any kind of relationship.

Loni Love goes into great detail on how to talk to your lover to spice things up in the bedroom. The book also goes into the importance of physical affection between you and your lover. Reagon encourages women to become more passionate in the bedroom as much as possible. While the idea of foreplay is something that can be used, according to Reagon, the sex should be so passionate that it leaves her completely satisfied.

Another great thing that Loni Love does be telling women the different sexual positions that can be used during lovemaking. The book advises women to use a variety of sexual positions during love making. In the book, Reagon recommends different love positions such as doggy style, spooning, rear entry and others. These positions are said to create variety in women’s love making experience and to help them reach climax faster. Some women who read Loni Love experienced orgasms upon every read.

Loni Love talks about men being able to understand women’s needs quite well. This is one of the main reasons why many women purchase Loni Love. The way that Loni Love talks about love makes it easy for women to understand their men. Men are also able to open up and share their emotions freely when they read the book. It doesn’t leave men with any false notions about what they should do in order to be in love. Reagon believes that men will not only be in love more frequently, but they will be healthier and happier too.

Reagon believes that women should put their relationship into action right away. This way, if there is a problem in the relationship, they know how to solve it right away. They also know how to communicate effectively in order to keep their men happy in the long run. Loni Love encourages women to be independent, confident, and willing to take the necessary steps to keep the relationship strong. If women follow this advice, they are sure to have a successful and loving relationship.

Loni Love offers couples the perfect solution for those who are afraid that their relationship is on the rocks. Reagon believes that men tend to get angry when things go wrong, so giving him the right reasons to be pleased could actually work in the male’s favor. He may even think that he is being faithful by staying true to you.

Overall, Loni Love can definitely help women who are having trouble achieving the level of success that they want in their relationships. The book is extremely helpful, because Reagon has written it in an easy to read manner. This book is definitely something that men should add to their reading lists, especially since it contains very useful information that every man should read before putting his relationship into the spotlight. By doing this, men will be able to avoid the dangerous pitfalls that women often fall into when trying to get the attention of their men.

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